About Me: a rambling, disjointed list of things that I love and reasons that I am here

Hello! My name is Emily, but you can call me Mo if you like. This blog serves as:

[aka, here is what I will seek to do]

  • a way for me to freely express myself, without the pressure to “perform” as a writer.
  • an asserted effort at self-empowerment.
    • I’m hoping that the subconscious awareness that my work is visible to the public eye will lead me to value the time I take to write encourage myself to take the time to write, and to place higher value upon that reflective period of time that I do end up blocking off.
  • share my insights, as well as my confusions.
  • an opportunity for me to be vulnerable.
  • an opportunity to – in some minuscule or enormously impactful way – enrich the lives of people like you, who have so graciously taken the time to (through writing, of course) hear my voice.


But enough about the blog; allow me to tell you a few things about myself:


I love to press further into questions which don’t have answers. That wrestling match between self and idea – that is what I love about writing, and about life.



I really love to run. I love the rawness of the experience of running – how it offers such a direct and pure confrontation of self. At a cross country camp a few years ago, a visiting coach gave a lecture one night, in which he referred to competitive running as “pure, fair, and personal.”

Pure, fair, and personal. If you’re a gal who’s trying to squeeze every ounce of meaning out of the metaphorical lemon of life (or orange or perhaps grapefruit, depending on your preference), then running is just about the best lemon squeezer tool that you can use. (If this metaphor doesn’t make sense, please refer to the image that I have provided below.)

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 11.59.10 AM.png



I am a lover of ideas, of concepts. Consider, for example, the following:







^^That escalated quickly, didn’t it? Well, sometimes, I feel as if I am always escalating – higher, deeper, farther – into the questions that no one knows the answer to. So long as we are not in a state of complete stagnation, we are inevitably drawing closer to those “un-answerables” – like a spacecraft hurdling into the dazzling blackness of space.

Where are we headed? What is death? If we inhabit a universe that contains far more unknowns than knowns, what is the significance of my life and your life – two sets of temporarily functioning minds and hearts – within this seemingly endless expanse of uncertainty in which we exist?

I guess that this is really what I’m trying to get at within this page-long, disconcerted effort to explain myself. How perfectly, how inevitably, how precisely human.

Gotta love it, right? 🙂


I know… I am a weird kid. But I’m just trying to find answers. If you happen to know exactly what the meaning of my life is, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me and let me know.



I yearn for clarity. // I love poetry.

(^I felt like both of those were important points, so I decided to save myself the hassle of deciding between the two by simply including both.)



I really want to help and serve others – but at this point in my life, I still feel extremely unclear as to what exactly is the “best” way for me to do so. There’s this quote from The Catcher in the Rye (they say the book will grow on you with age… sigh)



When it comes to God, I really don’t know what I believe. Sorry?



I have been a vegetarian since January 1st, 2017. I am always looking for new vegetarian protein sources and meals – so if you are familiar with any, please send them my way! (I’ve included images of some of my favorites below.)



Lastly – here is a link to a song that I feel resonates rather accurately with my feelings (however naive or idealistic) about the world. (The video is an advertisement created by the Discovery Channel a few years ago; however, my appreciation for the clip is in terms of its broader thematic message, and not for its commercial ties.)

Here it is: